Sunday, 29 January 2012

An indulgent Saturday

I went to this place yesterday, one my favourite places ever. I spent the afternoon happily traipsing around looking at vintage cake stands, green glass, Edwardian table linen and antique jewellery. I cooed over French grain sacks and one particularly fetching oak table. In Cafe Violette next door I had something called Chocolate Lover's Delight.

In the evening I caught up with friends in Oxford, where we went to this place and I had a Messy Jessie and a peanut butter milkshake. On the Cowley road we drank in pubs sticky with snakebite and smelling of stale goth. I am always more comfortable in these darkened hovels, in trainers. I am over 6ft 2 in heels. People make so much desperate effort in small towns.

I wondered down Walton Street in Jericho admiring the little terraced houses with their tiny doors. There is a bookshop there called The Albion Beatnik Bookshop. It was still open at 11.30pm. There was a man in a wizard outfit stood in the window. On a low wall someone had left not an empty can of Stella but an empty bottle of vintage cognac. In the Jude the Obscure, on the toilet door, I found a solitary piece of violently scrawled graffiti, stating simply I love him.


  1. A hovel sticky with snakebite and smelling of stale goth sounds perfect for a saturday night - certainly a step up from the stale odour of wet dog and tweed (sometimes not so stale) found in my local.
    Haven't been to Oxford for a couple of years, this post makes me think a visit is more than overdue.

  2. Yes! Come to Oxford! I'll meet you for lunch.

  3. Yay - I'd love to meet you for lunch! Will let you know when I get my act together!