Friday, 30 April 2010

Is it finished?

I have no idea what's going on with the bonkers use of colour in this painting. I just stopped thinking halfway through and doodled away. The question is, is it finished?
Looking at it now, I think not, though what more I can do is beyond me. A lovely pile of Japanese plywood landed on my doorstep on Wednesday ready for some woodcuts. I spent last night meticulously drawing out the scene I wanted ready to work on this weekend. As is usual for someone with so little patience, I couldn't wait to get started but couldn't bothered to move from my comfy spot on the bed. Consequently I slept, rather uncomfortably, with wood chippings.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sketchbook pages

The woodland scene tonal sketches have been done as preliminary groundwork for a much larger than normal watercolour painting. The first three pencil outlines are for my watercolour class next week, the theme is windows and doors- not for the first time am I wondering whether I have made things a bit hard for my poor students.
Rather annoyingly there is also a smudge of something on the lens of my camera which is very noticeable in the first three images. What's a girl to do?
The flat hunt is on hold for a bit. It was taking up all of my emotional energy and my attitude towards my art had been "I'll just wait until I'm settled somewhere new and then I'll make a start". I hadn't even realised I'd done this until a week ago when I realised I hadn't painted anything for ages. No wonder I was feeling a little fraught. And dreaming about Farrow and Ball painted walls.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Great Flat Hunt 2010 Part 2

So, the particular flat which promised so much, turned out to be wood chipped of wall (why oh why) and smelling of cabbage and old cats. After Cat Lady's flat I went to see Joan Collins' Penthouse Apartment and then, last Friday, a ground floor garden flat that I will now refer to as Crack Den. The only thing missing from Crack Den was the decomposing body in the avocado bath tub. Tomorrow I'm off to see another garden flat (this time basement) and on Saturday morning, a ground floor apartment in a conversion of what my brother tells me is an old asylum. Excellent.

Meanwhile, here is a sneaky peak of the finished painting. More when I manage to take a photo that's not out of focus.