Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Great 2010 Flat Hunt

When I moved back home last year I said I would give myself a year to sort myself and my finances out. That year was up last Monday. I actually started looking for a flat about 4 weeks ago and, my God, has this been a depressing business. I'm not sure what I expected, I am rather impatient. Once I have decided on a course of action (in itself quite difficult) I sort of expect things to fall into place but the perfect apartment has remained an elusive beast. My days have been punctuated with feverish assaults on rightmove followed by bouts of "I'll never find anywhere" and "I'm going to end up in some depressing bedsit listening to The Smiths". Last Saturday afternoon was spent loitering in the drizzle outside the most depressing of ugly new builds waiting for an elusive estate agent. He never did show up.

However, this morning brings with it a glimmer of hope. The viewing is on Monday. In the meantime, there are always more cupcakes.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hi! I'm Back!

So, you know when you haven't spoken to a friend for a really long time and you wonder whether you just might have left it a bit late to give them a ring? Well, that's what this feels like. When I started this blog, it felt like quite an important thing but events have conspired since Christmas to leave me feeling rather exhausted...

The last couple of weeks, though, I have been itching to post. There has been lots of creative stuff going on and I think it's important to try and document what I'm doing, whether it be here or in my journal at home (pray no one will ever read that- I would be sectioned).

The lily painting, again, started life as a class sample and I have carried on doodling on it. It's still not finished, the background doesn't have any depth and I love seeing dark saturated colours in my paintings.

This is a corset that I have made following the Alabama Stitch pattern in that wonderful book. It took about three weeks and was a complete labour of love. However, having completed said garment, it has come to my attention that a woman with the shoulders of an Olympic swimmer should not be wearing a corset. I do take it out of the drawer and admire and stroke it from time to time though. I'm making the bloomer skirt next.

Right, time to pop into town. I'm off to by a muffin tray. By some benign (accidental) or malicious (his mother) intent my ex seems to have ended up with my muffin tray and I have cupcakes to bake courtesy of the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook.