Monday, 25 July 2011

Third party cookies

Every now and then blogger will frustrate the hell out of me with some new problem. The line breaks was one of them. Whole posts where I couldn't seem to start a new paragraph, creative musings looking like impenetrable modernist stream of consciousness nonsense. Three days trying to work out how to make my images bigger ending with a long howl of frustration and mum eventually taking the laptop off me. And now the comments problem. I have to say though, the help forums are pretty useful things. It's third party cookies people. My laptop settings have blocked them but I think (whisper it) I have the problem sorted.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Things have been in such a mess here over the last 6 months. Not a bad mess, but a fairly typical busy/glorious sort of mess. Life has felt like a ball of tangled wool and the act of unravelling and bearing witness to each little strand (which is what this blog is really- an act of bearing witness) has been nigh on impossible. But I want to be here and it feels good to be back here at 11pm on a Sunday night the week stretching out before me.