Friday, 8 August 2014

August Break: Two prompts in one

My today is knowing that the Tower card I keep pulling out of the deck is beginning to show up in my life. I think things are about to fall apart.

My today is trusting that this will be beautiful. And right.

My today is carrying on with the August Break prompts even though my decent camera broke and I missed two. Hence the smudged selfie (today's actual prompt). Note: the Galaxy Ace does not have a good camera phone.

My today is drinking 2 litres of water and eating foods that feel good. My today is also not berating myself for the bad food choices I made earlier in the week.

My today is walking in the sunshine and taking a proper lunch break. My today is claiming small pieces of my life back and knowing that eventually I will own all of it.

My today is staying with my Mum and sitting in her back garden with a glass of yellow wine, watching the ancient apple tree swell with fruit, branches so heavy the weaker apples fall, small background thuds during dinner.

My today is staring too long out of my office window as the canal boats drift languidly pass.

My today is quiet, many colleagues and friends here instead of at work. My today is feeling relaxed about not going along with them, feeling in my bones that I need a quiet weekend around comfortable people.

My today is feeling the persistent pull of a old bad habit. My today is not yielding to that pull but allowing that ache to exist without trying to smother it with ice cream.


  1. Sometimes all you can do is reclaim your life one little piece at a time, the rest usually follows.
    Good to have you blogging again, was wondering how you were doing. Sorry you've had such a rough journey this past year. Tonia

    1. Hi love! Thank you for your words, it's good to be back blogging again- didn't realise how much i'd missed it xx