Friday, 1 August 2014

August Break Day One: Lunch

So i'm participating in this as a way of getting me back into blogging. A prompt, one photo a day and somewhere along the way perhaps the story of the last twelve months will emerge. It's a story that includes new freindships, breakdowns, eight months of therapy, two major rounds of surgery and lots and lots of healing. Roughly in that order. That's the short version.
For now, let's just think about lunch. Which I forgot to do. One pesto salad scoffed whilst prepping for the new term, mind elsewhere until all that was left was an empty tupperware container. But this is lunch number two, a treat after a morning of paperwork. Not lunch exactly but the perfect way to end forty minutes browsing in the Oxfam bookshop; a haven of muted classical music, bookiness and fairtrade chocolate punctuated only by the smell of wet pavement wafting through the door. Ah, the humble Marks and Spencer's caramel tart. Truly the nicest sweet treat you can buy yourself in a market town with no artisan bakery.


  1. So good to know you are still around - I was only thinking of you yesterday as I prepared some samples for new work. It sounds as if you have had a tough time recently; life's like that and I;m about to face surgery myself. With love, Ann. xx

    1. Hi Ann, yes, I'm still here! and yes, life is full of ups and downs isn't it? I think I'm due for some ups now. Hope your surgery goes well and make sure you take it easy afterwards; one of my biggest mistakes was trying to do too much too quickly xxx