Monday, 8 April 2013

Is the sun shining yet?

Today I am blogging from my sick bed. I seem to have spent a large part of this year feeling distinctly under the weather until last week when I well and truly hit the wall and under the weather became 'flu. Like proper grown up 'flu. If I wasn't feeling so ill I would be quite impressed at my body's ability to completely floor me in this unexpected way. I started January in such high spirits but the last few months have seen me forced to slow down a bit. Like everyone else, I am blaming the weather. Has there been a winter quite like this in recent memory?
I am feeling a bit better today and just wanted to post some images of the work students did on my Handmade Art Journals workshop a few weekends ago. The weather was freezing but everyone made it in and we had such a fun weekend playing with paints, inks, fabric scraps and found imagery.
One of the very best things about teaching these workshops is how inspiring I find them. For me teaching isn't about me imparting information and students copying what I do; it's more like an exchange of ideas. They take the techniques I show them in whole new directions, they filter them through their own unique skill set and come up with things I would never have thought of. I always leave these workshops completely amazed at the beauty of the work that's produced as well as buzzing with new ideas of my own. It highlights one of the things I have always believed: that creativity doesn't exist in a vacuum, it needs feeding and watering regularly and teaching does that for me.


  1. we had glimpses of the sun this weekend in Ireland so don't give up hope!
    Sorry to hear you're sick. I had that exact same pattern, plans and excitement and sparkling future in January, then sludge and practicality and wayward emotions ever since. Hopefully the sun will help, a couple of sitting sessions in the garden really cracked it for me. the hope is on the way back.
    take care of yourself, fiona.

  2. Umm no. There is no sun today so I hereby grant you full license to stay under the covers and not come out till tomorrow when it may all be better.
    The workshop looks great, very inspiring. You're right about creativity being a beast that needs feeding - I'm always more fired up after working with others.
    Get well soon! X

  3. Thanks guys! I made it up and out of bed today and I even went outside in the garden for the first time since September! I believe proper sunshine may be on its way for the weekend. Fingers crossed.

  4. Just hang in there. I think it's the weather. I've been in a funk aswell, no motivation or energy despite my brain fighting it. Just have to trust that when the sun comes out, the energy rush will happen. Glad you're feeling a bit better though, and the workshop looks great.