Monday, 19 December 2011

A little recap

These are some of the paintings I did in November. I did quite a few other things as well. I took on a lot of extra teaching which seemed like a good idea a few months ago, when the job situation was looking particularly bleak. I also broke both my phone and my Ipod. There was a depressing evening in late November where I found myself slumped on the sofa feeling stressed and tearful and couldn't even listen to music to sooth myself. I also couldn't phone my mum.

It's all good now though. Work is winding down, we had our Christmas meal today and I'm blogging after ten vodka and tonics. By the end of the week I'll be feeling a bit bored.

1 comment:

  1. The paintings look amazing, really conjure up this time of year. Sorry november was so rough for you. Approaching christmas with the same feeling as the titanic: icebergs may be ahoy, but that's no reason to stop drinking!