Tuesday, 19 April 2011

In which the artist realises she may have bitten off more than she can chew.

I have been doodling in my sketchbook. Woods (business as usual). There's something so magical about them and they work so well as subject matter in printmaking. I don't want this to be a regular dry point print. I have plans for a bit of collage and some watercolour washes. This time I am using a proper zinc plate rather than plexi glass so the line should be that bit sharper. The doodle itself took about 5 days on and off, drawing in the evenings. On the zinc plate I managed a 2 inch square in about 3 hours. The tip of my index finger on my right hand is numb. I thought I had some terrible degenerative disease of the nervous system for about a week and then realised it's from where I have been clutching the engraving needle.

The Mill's annual artweeks exhibition is going up in 2 weeks time and I have spent so much time coordinating everyone else that I kind of forgot that I'm an artist too and also exhibiting. I have decided that I am going to carry on doodling and playing and if I have something to show at the end of it then great. If not, never mind.


  1. The trees look wonderful: eerie, mysterious and yet unthreatening all at the same time.
    Think you have made the right decision: far better you are unstressed and enjoy it!

  2. That;s the trouble with co-ordinating others; no time for your own work. Are you sending out details of Art Week? Just so I can call in when shopping in Banbury.

  3. If you email me your address I can send you out one of the catalogues which has listings of all of the artweeks exhibitions. As far as the Mill one goes i'll be hanging it on Monday 9th May (all being well) and it will be up for 4 weeks.