Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Of remnants and doilies

Perhaps, still being fairly youngish (32 this weekend) I should be spending my Saturday nights out with my friends, pretending to have fun in crowded bars and checking my watch to see whether it's decently late enough to make my excuses and go home. Instead, I find myself watching Strictly..., three glasses in to a bottle of prosecco and making new cushion covers. And, by golly, am I proud of these.

Most of the fabric came from the Katherine House Hospice charity shop in Banbury market place. They have two things that put them a cut above many of the charity shops around here: a fabric remnants bin and a Random Crochet Doily Bin. Random Crochet Doily Bin is my favourite place to go rummaging and most of the bits I bought have been hand dyed and stitched to these cushions. I honestly didn't think they would turn out any good so I am really surprised. Now my bed is a lovely picturesque and comfy space to lay and read my books and listen to the thumping bass coming from the flat above, grumbling like the crotchety old spinster I am surely becoming.


  1. The cushions look wonderful - time for me to dig deep in the charity shops round here, haven't done it for quite a while. If I can just stay away from the bookshelves!

  2. Happy Birthday, Rachel. I too love charity shop finds and have a favourite source in Chipping Norton. Recently found some lovely linen table-mats with crocheted and lace edging which took me back to my childhood so many years ago. At 20p each I couldn't resist quite a few and think they will make lovely pages for keepsake books. (Your workshop still inspires me and what we learned is finding its way into so many projects - thankyou again.)

  3. Thanks Ann- I'm going into Chipping Norton this week at some point, I love the charity shops there, I always come away with some real finds!