Friday, 1 October 2010

Season of mists and mellow melancholy

Sorry I have been away a while. Since starting this blog I have had a couple of unscheduled breaks from it because sometimes I find I have very little to say. Or I stop thinking that what I have to say is very interesting. One or the other.

Since the show went up (and came down again, yesterday, very sad) I have found that I don't want to start anything else just yet. There are a few projects and ideas bubbling away under the surface but I have given myself permission to not do anything this autumn other than go to work, teach my classes (apples and onions this week), nest, enjoy being around my lovely family and maybe bake a few things. I made rye bread on Wednesday. Hilarious. Lobbed deftly it could kill someone.

I'm sat here at the moment staring at the rain and feeling a bit sad about being single. I'm not one of those Bridget Jones types (really) who constantly whinge about not having a boyfriend but at this time of year I seem to miss the ex the most. Right about now we would be getting excited because the pub in our village has just lit its first fire of the season, praying for a good frost so we could legitimately light ours, snuggling up to watch telly on a Sunday night and planning crisp smokey walks to pick up leaves and conkers and spot animal tracks. Of course I need to remember that there is also a real possibility we would instead be having an argument of epic proportions about money and his lack of commitment etc. Rose tinted glasses and all that.


  1. Oh yes, the old rose-tinted specs - they are nobody's friend! How did the show go? The end of anything that involving is always sad and certainly leaves me feeling slightly adrift. Hang on in there, the enthusiasm will come back!

  2. Thanks, I know the mojo will return, it's just that i'm one of those people who feel they need to be busy all the time.
    The show went really well- i sold 7peices and just can't believe it! I'm already plotting what I can spend the money on.

  3. Only having met you twice, Rachel, I cannot really comment, but would attribute you malaise more to post-show syndrome. Creep up Parsons Street with just a few coins, into Fashion Fabrics, and buy a little snippet of whatever first catches your fancy and .... I guess the creative mind-wheels will whirr again. I know it's not a substitute for heart-ache.

    Good to see you last night at The Mill, if but briefly.

  4. ... P.S. But it helps (way back experience!)

  5. Chin up my lovely lady! all will be good it just takes time and that is the hardest thing I know. Soooo pleased for you and your sales at the exhib, blooming marvellous! you should use that euphoria to see you through a bit of the low. Bake, eat, drink and be merry. See the family and friends, they are a great sub when you feel lonesome and yet you still have your own cosy space to retreat too as well when you need to X