Monday, 11 October 2010

Mushrooms, more mushrooms and ghostly children

So, can you guess what we were doing in class last week? That's right. Mushrooms. I'm having so much fun with the watercolour students right now, just painting things you find in the fridge. For the next session I have asked them all to bring along two objects from home to paint. The only stipulation is that it needs to be non perishable as we will be painting these objects over two weeks. I wonder what they will bring...

Below is what I have been making with the ton of mushrooms I had left after the class: mushrooms stuffed with Danish blue and goats cheese, toasted walnuts and thyme served with rocket salad and toasted date and walnut bread finished with a drizzle of garlic oil. I've had this three times since Wednesday and I'm not even beginning to get tired of it.

In other news I'm still reading Wolf Hall (loving it) but did take a brief break to read The Small Hand, Susan Hill's new ghost story, mainly because the library had a queue forming of people waiting to read it after me. The Woman in Black remains one of my all time favourite winter reads and I hear Hammer Studios are filming it with Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role. The Small Hand is only a little book but thoroughly creepy and great for a rainy afternoon, under the duvet, with chocolate.

I also have a lot of new ideas for art projects, like making some mini stitched concertina sketchbooks using up all of the layered, painted wallpapers I made as class samples last term. I also want to try a Citrasolve image transfer- I read about this recently (I'm afraid I can't remember whose blog it was) and it seems to be quite a good technique for transferring images to fabric without the mess of using a gel medium. They seem to look quite distressed and vintage too, I will post the results when I've tried it which will be after I've figured out how to get Citrasolve in England as it's an American cleaning product.


  1. The Woman in Black still terrifies me after reading it once at least 10 years ago: you're made of stronger stuff than me!

  2. Rachel, I found Citrasolve at the NEC earlier this year. I'll look up from whom; haven't used it yet as it needs good ventilation which I do not have in my underground workroom. I think I read about it;s use in either Cloth Paper Scissors, or Quilting Arts. The former I guess. Are you gong to the NEc next month (ICHf Hobbycrafts)? Marvellous for trial supplies. I can let you have details if you wish. A.

    P.S. I'm about to start another Susan Hill book; it's sitting by the bed, though I guess I will fall asleep before I even open the first page!

  3. That's the one from the 4th-7th Nov isn't it? I think I might be going , i'm not sure. There seems to be so many fairs at this time of year! Know what you mean about falling asleep before you've even read a single page of a book.