Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Weekend frivolity

I am pretty sure that for the whole of my life so far my poor mother has dreaded my tendency towards boredom. As I have grown older I have found productive ways to fill my time; little projects here and there, painting, generally making a mess, but, even now, in my early thirties, Mum still gets the occasional phone call: "it's my day off tomorrow, shall we go out somewhere nice?"

Friday saw us traipsing off to Oxford where I purchased a small set of seasonal candles from Culpeper and some poppy seed heads. I love seed heads and I love the Covered Market in Oxford where you can find all sorts of wonderful things. At Christmas the butcher hangs out whole deer carcasses and rabbits and pigs and I love it! I know that sounds terribly blood thirsty and carnivorous but it does feel so festive and Dickensian.
I also have home grown tomatoes ready for brushetta this evening and two vintage pillow cases purchased from a car boot on Sunday. I don't usually go in for second hand bed linen but these were so lovely and look and feel so old and of such good quality that I couldn't resist. The lady on the stall had a remarkable array of goodies; glass bottles of rose scented linen water, old perfume bottles and original oil paintings of small french villages. I go to enough car boots with Mum to know that these kinds of stalls are few and far between, it makes it worth wading through all that Primark and Matalan crap.
Term starts next week and I still have a huge amount of prep to do for my classes but for now I'm just happy snuggling into my sofa with my candles burning and a good book- there are two on the go at the moment depending on my mood Inkheart by Cornelia Funke and Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.


  1. hi rachel,

    i've just come over from ann's (wild somerset child) blog to have at look around... oh! my eyes are smiling! what a wonderful place you have here, and what lovely work you do! stitching, painting, fabric, and paper are all loves of mine, and i'm very happy to be here seeing what you do...

    i'll be back... : )


  2. Wolf Hall is an astounding piece of work: devote some serious time to it though, it repays massively!

  3. Hi Lynne! it's lovely to have you over, pull up a chair and make yourself comfy- i'll put the kettle on.
    Tonia- I think i'm going to have to find at least two free days to really get into it. It does not seem like the kind of book to be read in small chunks, I am loving its wry humour though.