Saturday, 28 August 2010

Some more book covers...

The exhibition goes up in just over a week and I feel that panic should be setting in about now but it isn't yet. I have done the foolish thing of having all my work ready and ready framed for about a week now. Foolish because it has given me plenty of time to find fault with it.
In an attempt to fill the time I am making more books...


  1. Really gorgeous book covers: I covet each and every one of them!

  2. Hello again, Rachel - just to thank you for a fabulous workshop today (Sat 5th Sept); I have gained so much inspiration from all the techniques and your very organised and structured teaching. It was a truly wonderful day for me; and I'll be in touch in due course re mentioning you in my forthcoming magazine article as promised.

  3. Thank you Ann- I had a realy good day too! You were all such a lovely group to teach and in such nice surroundings!