Thursday, 5 August 2010

A busy little bee

Last Thursday my cousin Jenny got married. Three weeks ago we had the most relentless, scoffothon of a hen do i have ever been on (i have resisted the urge to publish the photo of the naked play doh man) complete with the required amount of silly games. One silly game involved every hen bringing along a pair of her knickers; these were strung up on a line and we had to guess whose pants where whose. Every body got mine right. Even people i don't know very well guessed mine. Apparently they were "my kind of colour", all sort of muted and pale, which is generally how i dress. If you look at the inside of my wardrobe, one of the first things you notice (apart from my obsessive tidiness) is that everything is greyish (greyish pink, greyish blue) or beige.
I love that my paintings are completely different. This must be where all my colour goes.


  1. The hen do sounds a riot, although I am VERY disappointed not to see the naked play dough man! Such beautiful paintings: I long to open the blue door!

  2. Thanks! My show goes up in about 4 weeks and I still need to finish 6 paintings. I think it could all be a bit disasterous!