Monday, 5 October 2009

Current creative obsessions.

A very short post as i'm in the middle of class planning for this week. The lino cut in the top two photos is part of the prep for my Creative Sketchbook class. The last time i taught lino cutting i was in the middle of showing my students how to safely cut lino when, with perfect comic timing, i promptly sliced the top of my finger off. I shall try to be more careful this time. Dad informed me a few weeks ago that there were wood cutting tools lurking somewhere in the cobwebby shed, i may seek them out this weekend. I love printing. I can become quite obsessive about it when I get started. I have plans for these little woodland scenes so they shall be useful.
There are more blackberries too, another little obsession. The work I produce for myself during term time usually start off as class samples and then i take them away and develop them further. There have been 5 classes so far this term on hedgerow delights and, frankly, i'm a little sick of the subject matter now. However, this little darling is nowhere near finished.
The books in the bottom image are finally finished and stitched together. Sorry about the orangey glow in the photos. I'm struggling to get pictures taken before the light fades, i may have to invest in a daylight bulb for the winter months, or just take all my pictures on my days off.
I think perhaps i need to schedule blog posts. Maybe Monday will be what i did over the weekend and Friday what i did during the week. I'll give it a try. I would be the first to admit that this little creative venture feels a little shambolic at the moment.

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  1. hello lovely!
    Am loving all these works, they are all so different and yet so you at the same time.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the prints; the painting looks beautiful and I love the books! I like the 'glow' to the photos too even though it was unintentional! ;0 X