Friday, 30 October 2009

Big skies

The last few weeks have been so strange. The painting mojo has left for a while, i know that i should just keeping working on it and it will come back (just show up at the page- thank you Julia Cameron) but i feel so lathargic. Work has been chaos, which never helps and i have been feeling insular and vulnerable.
This week, though, has not been about me, it's been about my family and in particular, my lovely cousin Gemma. We've bad years before and have come through them ok, and i'm sure we will this time, but I just just want to send a little comfort her way today. They are all in the Lake District and I hope the skies there are as big as the ones I saw in Wales yesterday. They were massively soothing and i remember this was the very reason I loved norfolk so much when Si's mum was there. There is nothing like ending the day feeling salt-whipped, achey of thigh and tired through and through.

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