Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The start of term

All the classes at work begin again this week as well as a new exhibition going up and the old one coming down. It is with aching back, tired eyes and cracked bones that I half heartedly write this entry. This little watercolour of a blackberry is a sample for my class tomorrow. I quite like it and may try something larger, perhaps at the weekend.

The rest are close ups of book covers and the stack of them that are waiting patiently to be sewn together. Again, these started life as class samples and have slowly evolved into something a bit special. It would appear that the obsession this late summer has been to bead everything that looks like it needs adornment. I'll let you know when I start beading my clothes.

I usually try to take nice photos of my work on white background but quite like the paint splattered look of my old desk. This was bought from a local charity shop for £10 in the tearful aftermath of my break up with Mr Ex. After rattling around in my old bedroom for a week Mother suggested turning Brother Dan's old room into an art studio. It seemed important at the time that I must start working on something straight away believing it to be a therapy of some kind. And, of course, it was. The poor table (never a looker to begin wth) is now covered in paint and wax as well having rivets gouged out of it from where I heave the sewing machine to and fro.

This weekends other activities have seen Mother making runner bean chutney. I almost said "we" made it, but all I really did was hover and prod and taste the mixture before it went into jars ready for the festive season. It kind of tastes like sweet and sour sauce at the mo. I'm told it will improve. This joins the Sloe (slow) Gin that was made the week before. The Christmas season could either prove a festival of boozy and pickled deights or we may all spend it with a tummy ache.

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