Thursday, 10 September 2009

Brother Dan

This is brother Dan. He's one of the many casualties of the recession, currently out of work, bimbling between his easel, the job centre and dozens of interviews. Here he is reading Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britain, a weighty Reader's Digest tome that has been fought over even before we could read due to the lovely 70's style woodcuts and illustrations. This is one of the less esoteric books in his collection.
I'm just feeling so bad for him at the mo and there isn't much more to say than that. My small attempts at help have just yielded more heartache. Don't worry brother Dan. There is still that lovely girl and I'll show you how to make proper risotto for her.

Below is an image of the Generation Gap show on in the Mill foyer gallery at the moment, as promised.

And these lovely pieces of jewellery have been made by Catherine Baum, a very talented young lady studying down in Poole and working in the Cafe over the summer. I have just bought the turquoise earrings on the left hand side in the bottom picture. I may have to buy the ones on the right as well.

In other news this week my muse upped and flew away on Tuesday. I have not been near a piece of paper since since he left. I noticed this morning that the gloss had gone from my hair, my eyes were dull and, as is normal in people with highly complicated inner fantasy worlds like me, reality came crashing through the door in his place. For a month now he has been next to me shouting in my ear but today I can barely hear a whisper, I can just about see his misty figure in the distance as he returns to his own world. Ah well. Bye bye.
However, not to be too maudlin, I have felted some more wrist cuffs and there is nothing like pounding the hell out of the sewing machine to make me feel better.

Let's see what damage I can do to these bad boys.

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