Monday, 24 August 2009

Weekend sketching and homemade orange squash.

Well, it's been a fairly productive weekend but this last painting went horribly wrong! Looking at it here it's not so bad but I made the stupid mistake of doing loads of detail before bothering with the sky (I always tell my students to work dark over light and to always save the details until last- clearly I'm incapable of following my own advice). I ended up painting an awful sky and then painting over large areas of the rest of the painting in white gesso, just leaving the foreground, as not a single element hung together. It looked like 10 different paintings in one.
So.... I went back to the drawing board this evening. The disaster has been put away for the time being and I've started sketching a clematis, this will eventually be transposed and painted on to a bright watercolour painting that I've just started. I nearly leapt straight in without any sketching first before a little warning voice suggested that a bit of planning might be an advantage. I'm just too eager to get started.
Friday evening saw Mum and I making homemade orange squash. It's gorgeous and very sweet. And an absolute magnet for wasps, of which there appear to be many this year.
I can see how this blogging thing might actually help with the work thing- I've been in the spare room painting and sketching away every night now just to have something to post that isn't about what I'm watching in TV (True Blood and Desperate Romantics in case your wondering), what new clothes I've bought (a White Stuff kaftan) and what I've been eating (chocolate mostly).


  1. I wish i had just an ounce of the talent and creativity that you possess! Love Katie xx

  2. I love that painting. I like the scaly, slippery rocks. I feel like I could look at it every day and see something different. I'm obviously no art critic, but I have to look at the OUP fairway exhibitions every week, and would much rather see something like this up there than the garish geometric acrylics they have at the moment.