Thursday, 20 August 2009

Some sketchbook work, some context, one spider.

Thought I'd give you a bit of context this evening. Back in March I was mercilessly dumped by the man I thought I'd spend the rest of my life with. Hey ho. Never mind. So, I'm back at Ma and Pa's, and they have been lovely. It's been a fairly grim summer (I'm a master of understatement) but I am, I think, finally emerging into the light, though the thought of Autumn, Winter and a box of carefully chosen and romantically bought Christmas decorations in the garage fill me with foreboding.
The point of this little exercise in explanation is too ask whether, at 30, I am too old to be knocking on my parent's bedroom door at 10.30pm and asking, in a small voice, "are you still awake?", "yes" was the reply, followed by "why?", "because there's a really big spider on my bedroom wall".
Dad hastily donned his dressing gown and disposed of the beast out of the landing window. And it was huge, I promise you. Perhaps I should have explained when I moved back in that it was on the understanding that spiders would be dealt with by the man of the house.
I have a day off work tomorrow and plan to do some more sketchbook work. I have little in the way of large paintings started, so I thought I'd use the next few weeks of quiet to plow through some sketchbook pages. The above doodles look a little windblown and desolate I think.

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